Snoring and Separate Bedrooms

I have just launched a new ebook “Is Snoring Destroying your Relationship while You Sleep?”, which outlines how snoring is the silent relationship killer, because couples are unaware or do not want to acknowledge the damage that a snorer is having on their relationship. In the book I have suggested many snoring remedies but I also acknowledge that if nothing works, then separate rooms may be the only answer. (did you know that 80% of couples with a snoring problem, sleep in separate rooms?). In these cases, I suggest that if it has to be separate rooms or sleeping times, then couples must consciously and actively build in some intimacy time to their bedtime routine.

 Now I want to show you that authors do ‘walk the talk’ – that is, I do take my own advice. Last week my hubby caught a bad cold, and so was up half the night coughing persistently. This of course had an impact on my ability to sleep, with the bed rocking and shaking with each violent coughing session.

 So out of consideration for me, my husband moved to another room to sleep. It was not a decision that we liked, as we both enjoy our ‘cuddle times’ and conversations before falling asleep. So we made sure that before going to sleep that we spent 15 minutes in bed together, as we normally do, before my husband went to the other room. Then in the morning, before we jumped out of bed for work, he would join me again in bed, for a morning cuddle and good morning kiss. It is not ideal but it means that we are still spending quality time together and not letting our relationship suffer because of illness. It is also showing consideration for each other, and not viewing going to sleep in another room as a punishment.

So if this analogy interests you, come and visit my website and read more about my ebook. I was amazed in all my research, how many people in the US snore (over 90 million!) and although lots was written on the physical effects of snoring, how little is written on the emotional impact to their relationship.

 Does this ring a bell with you or someone you know?

 Jennifer Ross-Taylor
Snoring Relationship Author

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