Snorers, Improve Your Relationship With Homeopathic Remedies



Is snoring keeping you or your partner up at night and destroying your love life? When snoring is part of a relationship, it usually causes irritation, discontent and less than loving feelings because of interrupted sleep or the less than desirable sounds and appearances (since drooling often accompanies snoring) that are a part of snoring. But snoring doesn’t have to be left unchecked, there are many snoring remedies and devices on the market today.


Perhaps you are aware of some of the snoring solutions, but you have a perception that the only snoring aids that are available are drops or sprays that include ‘unnatural substances’ or surgery to correct problems in the throat or nasal cavity? While drops, sprays and surgery can all be options to stop snoring for some people (depending on the reason behind the snoring), there are also many ‘natural’ and homeopathic solutions that have been shown to be effective for minimizing or eliminating snoring. In fact the world’s loudest snorer recently found success using nasal drops for snorers made from entirely natural ingredients (read the article here His comment says it all “Our marriage has improved and our sex life is 100% better since I have stopped snoring”


These natural substances or aids can usually be found in stores that feature homeopathic or natural foods and supplements or they can be purchased through the Internet. I have listed a number of these in my new ebook "Is Snoring Destroying Your Relationship While You Sleep?" including the following list of the most often used homeopathic solutions for snoring.


Olbas Oil – This is an aromatherapy oil that originated in Switzerland that is effective for opening and soothing the nasal and bronchial areas. Since nasal congestion can often be the cause behind snoring, a drop of Olbas Oil on a tissue that is tucked inside a pillowcase can “stimulate and enhance breathing passages” thus removing any obstructions that result in snoring.


Nasal Drops – There are a variety of nasal drops that are made from herbs and other natural ingredients such as plant enzymes. The drops are placed in the nose and work to break down nasal congestion which is often the cause behind snoring.


Neti Pots – Among the many snoring remedies used by people who prefer homeopathic solutions, these little pots are shaped like an Aladdin’s lamp and use saltwater to wash out allergens or congestion in the sinuses.


Natural Essential Oils – Oils like wintergreen, peppermint or sunflower seed oil have been shown to reduce tension in the areas of the nose, mouth or throat. For this reason, the use of these oils can be effective in curing snoring that is caused by problems in the airways.


Aromatherapy – This is often used as homeopathic help for snoring because it can help a person breathe better, and anything that creates easier breathing can also possibly eliminate snoring. The aromatherapy blends that are used as aids to stop snoring contain ingredients like Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Tangerine, Marjoram or Lavender.


Aromatic Herbal Pillow – This small sachet of organic herbs that are effective in keeping the airways open while a person sleeps is tucked between the pillow and pillow case so that the snorer will breathe in the aromas of the herbs throughout the night. As the aromas enter the airways they help keep the air passages open which allows air to move easily and smoothly through without any obstructions which are often the cause of snoring.


Cures for snoring are wide ranging from lifestyle changes to external and internal aids to throat and tongue exercises, surgery and homeopathic solutions. It is important that you and your partner keep an open mind and try a number of different solutions, as what works for some, may not work for you.


But whatever your optimal choice may be, the good news is that there are many solutions for snoring. It no longer has to be accepted as the 'silent relationship killer' and like many other couples have discovered, with perseverance you too can restore the fun back into your love life.


Jennifer Ross-Taylor

Snoring Relationship Author



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