Snorers - 10 Lifestyle Changes That Could Save Your Relationship



If your partner is a snorer, and even if you are in the most loving relationship in the world, it is highly likely that the snoring is causing a lack of sleep and tension between you. For both the snorer and their partner, the snoree, this may mean waking up cranky in the mornings or dealing with the effects of sleep deprivation throughout the day, so your loving relationship could easily turn into one that’s not so nurturing. Unchecked snoring that is causing a lack of sleep takes its toll on even the best relationships.


I refer to snoring as the 'silent relationship killer' in my new ebook “Is Snoring Destroying Your Relationship While You Sleep?” because couples are unaware or unwilling to acknowledge that snoring is affecting their relationship. Because snoring is often viewed as funny or something that ‘just is’ and to be coped with, many couples don’t even put thought into the possibility of looking for solutions other than separate sleeping arrangements.


While the reasons behind snoring are varied, sometimes simple lifestyle changes can be all it takes to stop snoring.


1.      Change sleep positions – People who sleep on their backs often snore because that sleeping position can block air passages which results in ‘noisy breathing’ or snoring. Simply sleeping on your side or stomach can result in no more snoring.


2.      Elevate the head of your bed – Raising the head of your bed as little as four inches by placing bricks under the bed posts at the head of your bed can help open up the air flow through your nasal and throat passages. If your snoring is being caused by obstructions in your airways, this simple solution could take care of your snoring.


3.      Sleep without a pillow – If your neck muscles are being “crimped” in any way, those crimped muscles could be creating an obstacle in your airways. By lying flat without a pillow you ensure that your neck muscles are relaxed and that the air can flow smoothly and easily.


4.      Quit smoking – Smoking irritates the throat muscles and causes nasal congestion. By eliminating smoking you give your throat muscles and nasal tissues an opportunity to heal and return to normal, which means that snoring could either dissipate or totally disappear.


5.      Lose Weight – Fat deposits in the neck are often present in people who are overweight. These deposits can sometimes block the airways and result in snoring. Losing weight eliminates the fat deposits and without the obstruction in the airways, the snoring will stop.


6.      Stop drinking or reduce alcohol consumption -  Alcohol relaxes the body and when throat muscles relax, they cause the airway to be reduced in size which can prevent airflow from moving easily and smoothly through the air passages and thus result in snoring.


7.      Make exercise a part of your lifestyle – Exercise can eliminate extra weight and at the same time strengthen your muscles including throat muscles. When a body is toned there is much less chance of loose throat muscles or tissues creating obstructions in the air passages.


8.      Drink a warm beverage before bedtime – Drinking a hot cup of tea or warm milk before bedtime can often promote relaxation and soothe away stress, thus eliminating one of the causes of snoring. Adding honey to the tea also helps sooth throat muscles and clear nasal congestion.


9.      Avoid foods that cause nasal congestion – Certain foods like dairy products, chocolate, baked goods like pizza and frozen foods can add to nasal congestion. By staying away from these foods (especially for your evening meal or before bedtime) you can minimize the negative effect they can have on your nasal cavities, which could be causing your snoring.


10. Diagnose and treat allergies – If allergies are the reason behind your nasal congestion or sinus problems, find out what you are allergic to and get the appropriate treatment. Once your nasal passages are no longer infected or congested, your snoring could disappear.


Snoring doesn’t have to be a part of your life and relationship, the choice is really up to you and your partner. There are many snoring remedies available and some of the simplest are lifestyle changes that can be made easily and quickly.


Jennifer Ross-Taylor

Snoring Relationship Author



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