World's Loudest Snorer Has His Love Life Back



Melvyn Switzer was not a normal snorer. This guy could really snore, so loudly that he was a winner of the Guinness Book of records for the world's loudest snoring. Melvyn's snores were recorded of up to 92 decibels. That is louder than a diesel truck in your room and louder than the US limit for noise allowed in the workplace. It was so loud that during a 10 year period he said that 8 neighbours shifted out because they couldn't bear to hear the noise. And that was the neighbours complaining! So what about his poor wife who 58 years old Melvyn, describes as "a saint for putting up with me".


What I really want to know, is this woman now totally deaf (they say she was deaf in one ear!) or how did she manage to cope with this noise and stay married? But then again is coping good enough for a satisfying and fulfilling relationship and what impact was his snoring really having on his relationship with his wife?


The answer to this latter question is probably a big fat negative and supported by Melvyn's comment that "Our marriage has improved and our sex life is 100% better since I stopped snoring".


Most research and resources about snoring have concentrated on the physical affects of snoring and the lack of sleep it causes for both partners. I refer to snoring as the 'Silent Relationship Killer' in my new ebook "Is Snoring Destroying Your Relationship While You Sleep?" because couples are unaware or unwilling to acknowledge that snoring is affecting their relationship. More discussion and awareness is required on how snoring impacts both conversational and physical intimacy, and how both are important to retain a strong and passionate relationship.



A study has shown that 80% of snoring couples sleep in different room and 57% of couples interviewed said snoring created arguments and tension with their partner. 21% of respondents blamed snoring for making them feel less sexy in the bedroom. Obviously Melvyn would confirm this!


So why aren't more couple doing something about it? As mentioned, I believe it is because they don't even know that it is happening or rather they are not prepared to acknowledge that snoring is destroying their relationship. These people are in denial.


Snoring can be described as the 'silent killer of a relationship' not because you can't hear it (as obviously you can!) but because physically you aren't aware of it happening. What starts as a coping strategy such as sleeping in separate rooms or going to bed at different times, may lead to feelings of anger, resentment, rejection and even guilt by one or both partners. The snorer sent to the spare room feels rejected and angry while the snoree, the partner who is kept awake by the snoring, feels guilty and hopeless because they know that this is not how a marriage is supposed to be.


Coping strategies like these also means that many of these couples don't have their 'cuddle times', or spending quality time sharing their problems or finding out how their day went. Bedtime is also normally when we can relax and be more playful and laugh together in our own private time and space. This is when both conversational and physical intimacy between a couple occurs, and a relationship is strengthened.


Now we are not just talking about a problem that affects only the world greatest snorers. We are talking about you and me and nearly 90 million other US snorers. The building industry is seeing a growing trend for people to build separate 'snoring rooms' onto their houses so each partner can get a good night's sleep which is very sad, as it reinforces more the 'my room, your room' concept, rather than 'our room'. We have moved so far away from the time when a whole family would happily cram inside a small one or two bedroom house.


But the really sad thing is that, because a lot of these people are just not aware what snoring is doing to their relationship, they don't do anything about it or try to resolve the problem. They just believe it is the way it is and they need to just accept and cope with the situation. They don't realize how easily they can change their situation simply by acknowledging that a problem exists and working together to try and solve it. There are numerous anti-snoring remedies available on the market that can help these people if they would only recognize that they need help to restore the intimacy in their relationship.


Melvyn found that intimacy again and if he can, so can millions of other couples affected by snoring.


Jennifer Ross-Taylor

Snoring Relationship Author


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