Is Snoring Destroying Your Relationship While You Sleep?

After years of tolerating my husbands snoring I picked up and read Jennifers book and have finally found some answers. Apart from the comfort in knowing I am not alone with this problem, I have discussed parts of the book with my husband ( he didnt even need to read it) and we are currently exploring a number of the remedies suggested. I am confident we will find the answer to our problem and life is already taking on a more positive spin. This gem is well worth taking the time out to read. Informative and helpful.
Jillian Hannigan

Your book has given us hope and practical advice so now we can face and deal with the damage that snoring had done to our marriage. Thank you so much!
Jane M

Is snoring
silently ruining
your relationship?

An exciting new resource to help sufferers of snoring to stop snoring, and bring back the intimacy into their lives

At last, an ebook that focuses on the ways that snoring can ruin a relationship and offers ways to bring back that love and intimacy. It also provides some of the best ways to stop snoring, with easy online purchasing of anti snoring solutions.

Does any of this sound familiar? (Blog quotes)

"I can't sleep, can't concentrate, and find myself resenting him more and more for something I know isn't his fault...but I'm tired and need some help!"

"I was with a guy for a year. I had never heard such snoring in my life. It was like the sound of an aircraft. ...It was one of the major factors in us splitting up."

Read on to see how my book can help with snoring and relationships.

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Snoring can be a deal breaker!

"Snoring can be a very sensitive issue, especially for women. It leaves people in a very vulnerable position and open to ridicule and rejection. I have had many female patients who have been in this situation and it can quite literally mean the end of a dating relationship."
Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a sleep apnea specialist

Here's how one person put it.

"I love my boyfriend, but I dread going to bed every night because as soon as his head hits the pillow, he starts to snore. Loudly. Non-stop. I try to fall asleep before he does but its hard...often he falls asleep before I do and I struggle to fall asleep because of the volume of his snoring. Usually I give up and go sleep on the sofa, but then I wake up with him snuggled up on the sofa next to about 4-5 am. So I get up and go to the bedroom, and it hurts his feelings that I don't "want" to sleep with him.
I do want to sleep in the same bed, but I can't sleep with that racket. "

Is this describing your relationship? My book can help you.

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Is snoring ruining your relationship?

Is snoring 'silently' killing your relationship while you sleep or are you so tired because you can't sleep and so you don't even know it is happening? (or just too tired to care!).

Snoring partners and separate bedrooms can quickly extinguish the passion and intimacy within a relationship, which in turn can reduce your libido.

Bring back love and passion by recognizing that snoring is affecting your relationship.

My ebook is based on personal experience and will help you understand why snoring can be so destructive and damaging. It wll also offer stop snoring solutions to help remedy the problem.

Is Snoring Destroying Your Relationship?

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This 58 page book is available for immediate download and provides some solutions for bringing intimacy back into your relationship. After you have read it, you will want to start trying some of the stop snoring solutions right away and wish that you had found this book earlier.

Snorers, don't suffer another night waking up alone in bed ... order now to start restoring your relationship.

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Dear friend,

My ex-husband used to snore and I hated it! I needed my sleep to function, so we coped by my snoring partner sleeping in a separate room, or by him coming to bed later.

After we separated, I realized that many of these coping strategies had contributed to our marriage breakdown by developing into feelings of growing resentment and guilt about our sleeping arrangement.

Having remarried and both of us now being snorers, I did not want this relationship ending the same way. So my husband and I talked about what the problem was and how we were prepared to address it. We agreed that we did not want to sleep in separate rooms or to go to bed at different times as we loved our laughter and cuddle times together at the end of each day.

Our number one priority was to sleep together and wake up together for that good morning cuddle and kiss.

This led me to investigate what snore remedies were out there and believe me, we tried a lot!

Can't sleep? Sleep deprivation is not sexy and sleeping in another room is not romantic!

When I started looking around for information to help us, I realized that most books about snoring concentrated on the physical problems and little was written on the emotional and psychological pressures on relationships. It was as if there was this silent killer of romance and intimacy in the bedroom, but everyone was too tired and exhausted to notice or care.

I realized that people, by being not aware of how snoring affects their relationship and by using these coping strategies to keep their relationships intact, were 'silently' developing a breeding ground for growing negative and destructive feelings between each other e.g. anger, resentment, guilt and despair.

By ignoring the problem, the eventual emotional cost was huge!

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Snoring and relationships - nobody misses an ex-partner's snoring.

The emotional cost we are talking about is that people are not experiencing the happiest, most intimate and fulfilling relationship they could have with their partner. They are 'just managing' and this eventually could lead to the relationship breaking down or in some instances the relationship does not even get pass the dating stage.

Read below some blogs from fellow sufferers.

"I snore when I've had a really long day and am tired out. HAD (lol) a long distance relationship, and from his lack of sleep I found my snoring was keeping him awake! I felt terrible, asked him to shake me the next time. Ha. There WAS no next time. Creep/coward waited until he got home to call me and suggest we not talk as much. I ended it right there. But the idea that I had been keeping him awake without him telling me still bothers me, plus being ashamed about snoring."

"My hubby snores even just a little bit sometimes and it drives me nuts. I can't sleep in the same bed as him and I feel bad because he has to sleep on the uncomfortable couch but he doesn't seem to care that his snoring keeps me awake so basically he is not willing to get help and I can be asleep and his snoring will pull me out of my sleep and I just don't know what to do. I'm ready to get another bed and put it in my kid's room for me or him to sleep in."

"My girlfriend snores to the point of being a chainsaw! I have tried sleeping in other rooms in the house but I still hear her hacking away at the walls. I know she cares, and she does appreciate a good sleep more than most. BUT I never sleep well and I'm a light sleeper unless I have several dozen to cope with her snoring. What can I do, as she always seems pissed off that we don't sleep together and have not for a long time? I would prefer to sleep separately and get the sleep every person requires to function properly than to be pissed off at her each day. What am I to do?"

"My partner snores so badly I only get an hour or two hours sleep every night. He refuses to try and do anything about it (like go to doctors or lose weight). He says it's my fault that I can't sleep through it and gets angry if I accidently wake him up during the night by moving about and starts swearing at me to just f***ing go to sleep. As we are living at his parents I don't even have another room I can go to."

Acknowledging that snoring is a problem and then working together so it does not reduce intimacy will mean that there is one less thing to worry about when starting a new romantic relationship or trying to maintain a loving and happy relationship.

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Start bringing back the intimacy into your relationship today!

Restore the joy, and warmth of sleeping together again.

What I discovered is that couples just by recognizing the damage that snoring is having on their relationship and then working together to solve the problem, they can change their relationship entirely and take control back into their lives.

I want to help you by sharing my experiences and findings with you. In this ebook I have compiled the most important things that I have discovered and that you will need to know to help rebuild your relationship with stop snoring solutions available only a click away.

Order my practical and easy to read ebook today, and take the first step to bringing the intimacy and happiness back into your relationship!

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Snorers - no more waking up alone or sleeping on the couch.

Imagine happily drifting off to sleep with your loving partner beside you and then waking up refreshed beside each other, with a good morning kiss and cuddle.

This book will change your relationship and make you realize how much you have been missing.

It will answer questions and provide information on topics such as:

  • Why is snoring described as the 'silent destroyer' of relationships?
  • Why snoring is also an issue for couples in the dating stage as well as those in marriages or longer term relationships
  • Suggestions on how to confront the issue of snoring with your partner
  • A list of anti snoring solutions and remedies to help you stop the snoring
  • Tips for bringing the intimacy back into your relationship.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Warmest regards,

Jennifer Ross-Taylor


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Is Snoring Destroying Your Relationship?

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After searching for many years for practical advice on the seldom discussed problem of snoring and how it affect relationships, we found your book immensely helpful. We understand now the causes of snoring and are excited by the opportunity to explore the many suggestions for solution to our problem. We can recommend this book to everyone that has tried to cope with the effect that snoring has on a relationship.
Don, New Zealand

Very informative and written in a completely accessible way so no reader will ever feel alone again.
Brenda (North Carolina)

Is Snoring Destroying Your Relationship While You Sleep?
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